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Black Tower bottel

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Experience the perfect blend of alegance and wellness with our 1000 ML tower copper bottel.meticulously crafted from 100 % pure copper, Our copper bottel features a captivating smart Black Matt finish tower Copper shade ( Double Shade ).

Unlock the extraordinary benefits of our copper as you hydrate, its antimicrobial properties ensure your water remains fresh and from harmful bacteria.Moreover,coppers natural ionization process infuses your water with essential trace minerals and antioxidants like copper,zink and magnesium , promoting overall vitality.

Make your loved once smile- Whether its a birthday or a farewell, our coloured eco.our copper bottels make the best gift for all occasions.

Do not have any coating inside so your water comes into contact with only the purest copper.

Silicone seal ensure no leakage in our copper bottels.The pure copper ensures maximum conductivity.Perfectly hand crafted, rust free, and easy to clean. Ayurvedic health beneffits and feel a great experience in your dining room.

Heavven Merchanddises use only lab tested copper, our company send lab testing reports along with the bottles.

We use the organic color print on our copper bottles , so finishing of the bottle always remains the same. The perfect mix of traditional and modern.

You must know that drinking water in copper bottel (Tambra Jal) is highly benefitted for your digestive systems.as per ayurveda,it regulate thyroid functions and improve skin health.Its also help heal would faster.

Ability to balance all the three doshes in your body ( vata, kapha, and pitta ) and it kills the germs in the water.So your water will be pure and germs free drinking water in this saksham pure copper bottle 1000 ML helps to preventing amoebiasis,diarrhea,chlora,jaundice and other water born diseases.


Fill the bottle with warm and cold water . Put some lemon juice and salt or vinegar in luke warm water in the copper bottels.leave the bottle for 30 mints. Then shake it well and wash by normal water 2 - 3 times. Fill drinking water in the copper water bottle at least 3 - 4 Hrs before use




Package Contents

1 Piece Smart black matt finsh tower copper bottel 1000 ML. Company are giving all this to you in eligant special box packing with 350 grams weight and 10.5 height


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Note { Weight and color may be vary depends on availability }


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