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Oud Mood

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"Audh" is Often assciated with the Arabic word "Oud" Which refers to agarwood, Resinous wood used in Perfumery.

"Oud" By Heavven Merchanddises is a fragrance for men and women. Top ingredients are rose,saffron and pimento, Middle Ingredients are aggarwood(Oud ), Caramel, Floral and Patchouli , Base Ingredients are resins, woody , amber,incense and musk.

What Is Attar ?

Attar, also know as Ittar is derived from botanical plants and is an essential oil booming with the scented essence of the plant,the compound was extracted from.Attar is made by distilling flower petals in water under steam and pressure.A lot of attars are made from exotic flowers,wood,resins,and even spices,many Ittars are used as a perfume but these are also used for medicinal and aphrodisiac purposes.For winters,people prefer warm Ittars,like those made from saffron,musk,andamber as they are believed to increase body temperature.Similarly,cold Ittar such as rose,jasmine,kewda, or khus can give refreshing and coolness during summers.

Heavven Merchanddises Benefits Of Attar Or Ittar

1. Aromatherapy    2. Enhancing Mood    3. Cures Headache    4. Boosts Confidence    5. Always Feel Fresh

Ittar or Attar

Oud Mood is very long lasting , made by pure flowers, feel like freshness, its pure alcohal free. Attar never spoils and a Heavven mercahnddises single bottle can be used by a single person for 10 to 12 months. Attar fregrance is so attractive and special that people nitice it when they open the Heavven Merchanddises attar bottle. Attar was originally only designated for royalty, primarily kings and queens.It was also used, and is still used, in romantic situations .

You can do several things to make your cologne smell good and longer all day.

1. After you have had a shower and your skin is clean, apply cologne.

2. Spraying attar into the air and then walking through it is a typical activity that wastes a lot of it.

3. Only pursue the pulse points.

4. showering in attar will only make people turn their backs on you.It simply takes 2-4 sprays to get a wonderful scent.

5. many individuals make the mistake of rubbing attar into their skin after applying it.this takes away from the essence of the perfume.

6. If you see the scent diminishing on your wrists, reapply it.

7. Many people miss the simple approach of spraying attar directly on their garment to help it last longer. Spray on your shirt in the summer, and your coat or leather jacket in the winter. To Assist the attar linger longer and avoind them from being ruined, place tissue sheets sprayed with your favourite scent on the lines of your dresser drawers ahead of time. This gives the perfume Time to seep into the clothing.

Heavven Merchanddises attar Ingredients?

1.The majority of attars are oil based. Attar is Alcohol Free . Attars are concentrated scents created from plant sources.

2. Plants, herbs and spices are distilled in a hydro-distillation procedure to create process attars.

3. Attar are made entirely from flowers and plants, without the addition of chemicals or alcohol.

4. Attar are inspired by nature and do not include toxic chemicals, attars are more ecologically friendly than smells.









Package Contents

1 Piece of Oudh Mood Attar  (12ML, 4cm by 2cm ) With eligant Rajasthani Wooden box packing (With Stylish Hand Bag) ( Glass Bottle ) .

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